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Dr. Sandra Thompson

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Dr. Sandra Thompson is dedicated to making positive and meaningful dental experiences for Las Vegas kids of all ages.
With extensive education and a shared heart for uplifting children, Dr. Sandra proudly planted roots in Las Vegas and established her own dental practice. Through a fun and personalized approach, Dr. Sandra is equipping kiddos to take pride in their pearly whites and enjoy a lifetime of great dental habits!

As parent, Dr. Sandra is passionate about families and will always place your child’s comfort at the core of their care. If you’re looking for a gentle, expert pediatric dentist in Providence, Skye Canyon, or Centennial Hills, Dr. Sandra looks forward to meeting you and your family!


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Designed with You and Your Family in Mind

Adding Delight to Dental Visits

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We love what we do because of the families we get to care for. That’s why we’re thrilled to provide a dental home where both parents and kids feel valued and supported from start to finish. From using top-notch technology for the most gentle treatments to our beautiful and modern environment, Desert Kids Dental can’t wait to give you and your child a warm welcome!

Silver Diamine Fluoride

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If your child is experiencing cavities, we offer gentle and efficient silver diamine fluoride (SDF) treatments. Non-invasive and completely drill-free, this treatment is the perfect alternative to fillings for cavities in baby teeth.

Protect Their Smile

Laser Frenectomies

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Is your little one experiencing bumps in the road due to tongue and lip ties? Using the latest Biolase Epic X soft tissue laser, our doctors deliver compassionate, pain-free frenectomies to help your child eat, speak, and enjoy life with optimal oral health.

Achieve Seamless Solutions

Dental Sedation

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Dr. Sandra Thompson strives to help even the bravest patients overcome their dental fears. If your child is feeling nervous about their appointment, our empathetic team offers a triad of sedation options that will calm their fears and support a smooth visit.

Ease Their Worries
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Growing Strong Smiles in Providence, Las Vegas

Quality Pediatric Care Begins Here

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At Desert Kids Dental, we’re here to help tiny smiles grow healthy and strong by providing exceptional pediatric dental care in a warm and inspiring atmosphere. Dr. Sandra Thompson is passionate about making dental care fun, encouraging, and informative, so your child can have a flourishing foundation for their smile and feel confident about their appointments! As a local practice, we love creating genuine patient relationships and we will always treat your family like our own. From an array of comprehensive services to our caring, experienced team, we can’t wait to introduce your child to a proactive life of stellar oral health. If you’re seeking a compassionate pediatric dental home in Providence, Skye Canyon, or Centennial Hills, we can’t wait to meet you and your little one!

Proud partners with the Make-A-Wish Foundation

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Dr. Sandra is thrilled to support the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Southern Nevada! This organization helps fulfill the wishes of children facing a critical illness in our community. With the support of volunteers and proud donors such as Desert Kids Dental, the Make-A-Wish Foundation seeks to bring every eligible child's wish to life and make their childhood dreams come true.

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Have Questions About desert kids dental?

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Why Should I See a Pediatric Dentist Instead of a General One?

There are a few reasons why you should take your child to a pediatric dentist instead of a general one. For starters, a pediatric dentist understands the intricacies of a child’s tooth anatomy and is better placed to handle the dental issues concerning your child’s primary teeth. Furthermore, general dentists may not be well-versed with the specific dental instruments for pediatric procedures and might accidentally injure your child during treatment.

Dental instruments aside, pediatric dentists have undergone special training to relate better with kids. As such, they’re properly positioned to keep your child calm, cheerful, and distracted during the procedure. This is especially useful for children with chronic dental anxiety or those who have difficulty staying without their parents in the dentist’s office. Lastly, pediatric dentists utilize the proper sedation and anesthetic techniques for infants, ensuring a safe and painless procedure.

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When Should My Child Start Using Toothpaste?

Your child can start using toothpaste as early as two years old. By the age of two, your child’s primary teeth should have started development. Using toothpaste at this stage helps prevent dental decay and also ensures a clean oral environment to promote tooth growth.

However, it’s worth noting that you should only use a small amount of toothpaste i.e., a rice grain-sized amount for your two-year-old baby. Too much fluoride toothpaste could lead to the development of fluorosis, which causes white stress and spots on the teeth.

It’s also important to only use toothpaste when brushing your child’s teeth only after you’re certain they can spit. Swallowing fluoride toothpaste can irritate your baby’s stomach, causing nausea, diarrhea, and stomach pain.

When Should I Take My Child to the Dentist?

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You should make plans to see a pediatric dentist 6 months after your child’s baby teeth erupt. During the first dental visit, the dentist will examine your child’s oral health, checking for any signs of dental complications. The dentist will also check the gums to ensure proper baby teeth eruption. The dental visit will also create a solid foundation for future dental visits. It will establish rapport between you and the pediatric dentist and lets the dentist know your child better.

After the first dental visit, consider scheduling frequent dental visits every six months to preserve your child’s oral health. These visits will help your child learn proper oral habits and the importance of maintaining a balanced diet.

Are Dental X-Rays Safe for Kids?

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Yes, technological innovation has allowed dental X-rays to become completely safe for kids of all ages. X-rays use low levels of radiation that pass through the soft tissue but get absorbed by the bones and teeth. The dental X-rays give the dentist a clear picture of the jawbone and how the teeth are positioned in their sockets.

Please note that excessive exposure to X-rays can be dangerous. However, dentists ensure a controlled environment that ensures your child is exposed to X-rays for as little time as possible.

How Early Do The First Teeth Come In?

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Kids’ primary teeth start growing as early as four to seven months after their birth. The lower central incisors are the first teeth to emerge, followed closely by the others. The teeth will continue to emerge gradually until all primary teeth come in at age 3. It’s important to schedule regular dental visits to ensure the proper emergence of your child’s teeth.

"We want to grow with the families we care for and treat them like our own."

– Dr. Sandra Thompson

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