First Visits

What to Expect

Sunny Smiles Start with First Visits

When visiting Desert Kids Dental, you can always expect a seamless and enjoyable experience for the entire family. As a local Las Vegas dentist, we love getting to meet new families and introducing little ones to a life of fun, informative dental care.

During your child’s first appointment, our dental assistant will perform a gentle, yet thorough preventive cleaning to promote a sparkling, healthy grin. Next, Dr. Sandra Thompson will carefully take a look at your child’s teeth and gums to ensure their oral health is on the right track and free of any dental issues.

After their preventive treatments, Dr. Sandra Thompson will discuss your little one’s oral health and recommend a tailored treatment plan made just for their smile success. From our front desk friends and hygienists, to our experienced pediatric dentist and family dentist, Desert Kids Dental is honored to serve Providence families with warm, high quality care.

parents with child at first visit

What to Bring to the Appointment

Enjoy Fun, Stress-Free Stays

Our team is dedicated to helping parents and their kids walk into appointments feeling relaxed and worry-free. Here are a few appointment essentials to bring with you for a streamlined visit from start to finish:

  • Insurance information for your child. We accept most major PPO plans, and our attentive team is always happy to help verify your child’s treatment options!
  • Your child’s favorite toy or blanket. Whether your child has a cuddly stuffed BFF or a cozy blanket they love, invite them to bring their favorite comfort to boost their bravery and encourage security throughout their visit.
Dental insurance form

How to Prepare Your Child for Their Dental Visit

Getting Ready to Grow Confident Smiles

We believe one of the best ways to support your little one’s smile is by making dental care fun, together! If your child’s appointment is coming up, here are some meaningful, day-to-day routines you can incorporate to prepare them for a delightful dental visit:

Be their brushing buddy

Come alongside your kiddo, play their favorite tunes, and sing a song together while you brush and floss their smile! This will encourage positive associations with their oral health and preventive care, which will prepare them for thorough, professional cleanings at the dentist.

Get them Excited

Cheer on your child’s efforts towards a healthier smile by using positive language about the dentist. Empower them to be active participants in their oral care by allowing them to choose a toothbrush. By letting them know how proud you are of them for taking care of their teeth, your little one will feel more confident when it comes to visiting their dental friends.

Educate your child through playful learning.

Introduce your child to a fun world of dental care by playing pretend together or enjoying a variety of kid-friendly picture books and educational videos about dentistry. This whimsical, educational approach can help your little one understand what to expect at their appointment, making them less likely be anxious or afraid when it’s time for their check up.

Ready to let your child's smile shine?