5 Useful Questions to Ask Your Child's Pediatric Dentist

Taking care of your child’s oral health is crucial to helping them develop healthy and beautiful smiles.

But apart from brushing their teeth at home, your child should also see the dentist routinely. Their relationship with their pediatric dentist can set the stage for proper oral development and a lifetime of healthy teeth.

Here are 5 questions to ask your child’s pediatric dentist in Las Vegas

1. How Often Do I Need to Bring My Child for a Check-up?

Children usually need to be taken for their first dental appointment around the time their first baby tooth falls out and no later than their first birthday. 

After that, you should bring them to see the pediatric dentist once every six months or so, just like for adults. 

These preventative care visits can ensure your child’s oral health is properly cared for. The dentist inspects their mouth, gums, cheeks, and tongue and does a thorough dental cleaning to remove any plaque or tartar buildup.

2. How Can I Teach My Child to Brush Their Teeth Properly?

Consistency is key here. The most important thing is to help your child get used to this crucial part of their routine. First, parents will brush their child’s teeth at least twice a day and then let them do it starting at ages two or three. 

In the beginning, you’ll need to double-check that the child is doing it properly. Encourage them to be thorough and lead by example. Brushing your teeth next to them helps the child learn faster.

3. If a Baby Tooth Is Damaged or Falls Out Early, Is It Really a Problem?

Baby teeth help your child learn to speak and chew their food. If a tooth is damaged or falls out before it’s supposed to (due to trauma), then your child needs a pediatric dental visit. 

A baby tooth keeps the space on the arch open for the adult tooth. A missing baby tooth can lead to alignment or bite issues later, which need to be corrected through braces.

4. What Can I Do to Prevent Cavities, Gum Disease, and Other Oral Health Issues for My Child?

Apart from oral hygiene and routine dental appointments, you can also:

  • Increase fresh fruits and veggies in their diets.
  • Reduce snacking, especially sugary treats.
  • Give them a tall glass of tap water at every meal. 

5. How Do I Know If My Child Needs Braces?

Screening for braces usually starts at age seven. This consultation specifically considers the placement of their child’s teeth and jaw alignment.

But with routine visits, the pediatric dentist may get an indication that the child could need braces much earlier.

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