Is Conscious Sedation Safe For Toddlers?

Fear of the dentist is very common among adults. Now, imagine being a kid having to sit still for long minutes while a stranger pokes inside your mouth. It can be a frightening experience. 

Luckily, nowadays, we can use conscious sedation to help us and our children relax and get the dental treatment they need. 

But is conscious sedation safe for kids, especially toddlers? This is a great question and the answer comes as follows. 

What Is Conscious Sedation?

Conscious sedation is actually a combination of a sedative and an anesthetic. The sedative will help you relax while the anesthetic will help you not feel any pain during the procedure. 

While you may think that the anesthesia is enough to keep your child still and relaxed, the sound of the instruments and the doctor checking their teeth might make them scared enough to not want to receive treatment. 

There are various types of conscious sedation: 

  • Laughing Gas: Nitrous oxide is one of the most common types of sedation used in children. It helps the child relax, it wears off quickly and doesn't have any side effects.
  • Oral Sedation: In the case of oral sedation, you will be given a pill one hour before the procedure. This sedative will make you very relaxed, but it can also affect your motor skills a bit. 
  • Intravenous Sedation: The dentist will administer the sedative through an IV. Because the sedative goes directly to your bloodstream, the effect is almost instant. 

Is Conscious Sedation Safe for Toddlers?

In general, sedation is safe for children. If your child is dealing with an infected tooth, but they can't treat it because of their anxiety, the consequences of not treating the infection can have a more severe impact on their health than the common side effects of sedation. 

However, each case it's different and your child's medical history is very important in this matter. Share it with your dentist before so they can decide whether your child is a good candidate for conscious sedation. 

Additionally, make sure to choose a pediatric dentist in Las Vegas who is licensed and has plenty of experience in administering sedation to kids. This way, you can minimize the possibility of a mistake. 

Is Your Child Too Scared to Go to the Dentist? We Can Help! 

If your child is too anxious to go to the dentist, then maybe you should try conscious sedation. And, if you are looking for a practice where you can be sure that the sedation is given by a specialist and in a safe and professional environment, then you should get in touch with Desert Kids Dental. 

Not only that, but we use state-of-the-art technologies to offer gentle treatment in a modern and beautiful environment. 

You can book an appointment with Dr. Sandra Thompson and she will provide you with all the information you need.

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